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Bees are more than just producers of those thick and sweet honey that we love. These insects also produce propolis, or the sticky substance that bees get from trees and leaves. Mixed with their own secretions, they use propolis to build, seal, and repair holes, cracks, and panels in their hive. More that that though, propolis have many other benefits, to humans in particular. What are these benefits and how you could take advantage of it?

Why Propolis Is Important For You?

Over the years, studies have been conducted to see the positive effects of propolis honey to the human body, if any. The study yielded that the 300 activ compounds in propolis are found to provide cancer protection in the brain, blood, liver, pancreas, liver, head, colon, neck, breast, kidney, prostate, bladder, and skin. These help prevent the growth of blood vessels that might feed the cancer cells. Moreoever, apoptosis or the programmed cell death can be prevented. Further more, you can stop the cancer cell division, preventing the metastasis or the spreading of the cancer from one organ to another. How can this be possible? Here is a list of benefits that propolis honey can provide.

  • Cure Genital Herpes. Accodring to studies, propolis are said to be more effective than ordinary drugs in treating general herpes. Furthermore, these studies proved that more people were treated of genital herpes by propolis than the traditional drug.
  • Get Antibacterial Benefits. Propolis are said to have antibactrerial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Such can help prevent many illnesses.
  • Remove Warts and Parasites. People who have taken propolis have reportedly rid themselves of those growing warts and have eliminated most parasites in their bodies.
  • Burn Treatment. According to a study made by an organization revealed that propolis helps in the healing of burns in the skin. Both minor, and even in some instances, second-degree burns were effectively treated by the use of propolis.
  • Keeps Cavities Away. A study has shown that common dental and mouth problems like periodontitis, gingivitis are treated with the use of propolis. Moreoever, bacterial plaque and tooth caries are lessened with the regular usage of this.

Propolis is one of nature’s greatest gifts when it comes to treating common illnesess and keeping people healthy. That is why more and more people are getting hooked on it. So do not think twice and shop from our propolis-infused products. Such could help achieve quicker healing and a healthier body. Who wouldn’t want to have that, right?

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