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Shane Pow

Never too early to start living healthily! I’ve been supplementing my diet with Go Pure natural bee products…. With such a busy schedule, these really help!

Chase Tan

I’ve been drinking Go Pure Acacia honey in the morning for that much needed energy boost… really good as a workout fuel and it improves my metabolism as well. Helps me get through my busy workdays and keeps me from burning out too quickly. Cheers to honey!

Calin Wong

… a throat spray made up of propolis, honey, mint, and water. Super yumz! And after using it for a while I decided that nope, I’m not experiencing a placebo effect, it actually helps clear my throat!

Goh Mingwei

Being a gig musician …. my vocal chord sometimes does get a bit tired and hoarse… throat spray helps me quite a bit with that. At first, I was a bit skeptical over its effectiveness, but after using it for months and I must say I really like it and I think it really...
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