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What Celebs Say

It’s never too early to start living healthily! I’ve been supplementing my diet with Go Pure natural bee products…. With such a busy schedule, these really help!

Shane Pow
Mediacorp Artiste

I’ve been drinking Go Pure Acacia honey in the morning for that much needed energy boost… really good as a workout fuel and it improves my metabolism as well. It also helps me get through my busy work days and keeps me from burning out too quickly. Cheers to honey!

Chase Tan
Singapore Slinger’s ABL Player

… a throat spray made up of propolis, honey, mint and water. Super yumz! And after using it for a while I decided that nope, I’m not experiencing a placebo effect, it actually helps clear my throat!

Calin Wong

Being a gig musician …. my vocal chord sometimes do get abit tired and hoarse… throat spray help me quite abit with that. At first, I was abit skeptical over its effectiveness, but after using it for months and I must say I really like it and I think it really does help!

Goh Mingwei

What Customers Say

My eating habit as well as the warm weather making me sore throat most of time and then one of my friend introduce me this product called known as propolis extract. Whenever I feel discomfort I will just use one drop in the morning and one more before bed and the irritates will gone away. I feel I want to thanks this product because I don’t have to use medication anymore!

Calvin Hu

I will always turn to Linden Honey whenever I have sore throat. After drinking soup spoon of honey with water for a day, I have recovered from sore throat. It’s amazing as I tried the honey many times already and it really works and effective. It also helps in digestion too. Overall I will give 5/5 for Linden Honey.

Janie Teo

I have been drinking Organic Acacia honey and Organic Linden honey for sometime. Drinking Organic Acacia honey first thing in the morning with lemon, it helps boost in my immune system. I usually have runny nose the moment I’m awake, but recently its not so frequent.

As for Organic Linden honey, I will drink it in the evening before I sleep to help with my insomnia problem, and it does help and i sleep better at night! A huge plus point is that the honey tastes and smells nice too!

Christina Chua

I purchased the cordycep for my Mum to try in earlier 2015 and it really improves her health. My mum and I are consuming this product everyday because of the improvement on our immune and digestive system. Tested and proven as I have a weak stomach.

Enzyme has always been a good remedy that is strongly recommended by health professional to consume daily as it is really beneficial to our health. I strongly recommend this.

Kelvin Foo

For over twenty years, it is difficult for my mom to have a good night sleep. Ever since I bought the honey linden and asked her to drink two teaspoon mix with plain water, her sleeping is improved.

Besides, my mom also love the taste of honey linden because of its natural sweetness. I highly recommend this product for whoever hoping for a good night sleep.

Corlin Wong

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