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Never too early to start living healthily! I’ve been supplementing my diet with Go Pure natural bee products…. With such a busy schedule, these really help!

Shane Pow
Mediacorp Artiste

I’ve been drinking Go Pure Acacia honey in the morning for that much needed energy boost… really good as a workout fuel and it improves my metabolism as well. Helps me get through my busy workdays and keeps me from burning out too quickly. Cheers to honey!

Chase Tan
Singapore Slinger’s ABL Player

… a throat spray made up of propolis, honey, mint, and water. Super yumz! And after using it for a while I decided that nope, I’m not experiencing a placebo effect, it actually helps clear my throat!

Calin Wong

Being a gig musician …. my vocal chord sometimes does get a bit tired and hoarse… throat spray helps me quite a bit with that. At first, I was a bit skeptical over its effectiveness, but after using it for months and I must say I really like it and I think it really does help!

Goh Mingwei

Customer's Reviews & Testimonials

  1. doreensoh89

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 280g

    Tried the Rose Honey and our whole family really like the subtle rose aroma that blends really well with the quality honey by go pure! would be interested to look at the other products they have.
  2. zetakoh

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 420g

    Drinking the premium rose honey makes me feel like I am wandering in the splendidly lavish garden. The rose fragrance helps to calm my nerves while working on laptop and the tasty honey perks me up and give me energy. Totally my go-to honey for a midday work drink.
  3. oliver loi

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 280g

    Rose honey was recommended to me and I fell in love the very first time tasting it. As the name implies , I love the rose aroma. Bought a few for my clients and they loved it too.
  4. max.ang

    Product: Go Pure™ Organic Acacia Honey 500g

    Had a bad sore throat shortly after the circuit Breaker COVID-19 started. All the while every few mth I having this issue repeatedly. This time I try to drink honey, after a few try my throat found relief and it works wonders. Delighted to found this. Thank My Honey.
  5. Patrick Ho

    Product: Go Pure™ Pure Propolis Softgels (60 softgels)

    I have had a really bad cold/ flu and it is especially untimely during the COVID-19 peak period. Been seeing doctor couple times and never really get much better. It was until I start taking this pure propolis than I feel my immune engine is cranked up again. Thank you for this wonderful product.
  6. Patrick Ho

    Product: Go Pure™ Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus 290g

    I have been taking this watercress honey instead of cough mixtures from different doctors. I find it more effective and it works magic!
  7. Avidah Savira

    Product: Manuka’s Cosmet B&H Cleansing 15+

    My friend go to Japan then she give me this sachets of manukas cosmet honey cleansing 15+ ,and the honey drop lotion 15+ for present. I really like it I feel like I'm glowing in the morning my face is so clean and soft. My husband really love my looks. Is this product available in Philippines and Australia or I need to order online only

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