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Wedding Gift

Wedding Favors

Healthiest Wedding Gifts

Healthiest Wedding Gifts

Share the gift of honey with your loved ones on the sweetest day of your life. A celebration of love, a sweet token of joy; Honey is a gift from nature.

Wedding favors are a token of appreciation for your special guest attending your special night. Having a unique and memorable wedding favor is one of the important things to gift.

Presenting, Go Pure™ customizable honey honey for your guests to bring home with health benefits.

Honey Selection


Acacia & Linden is sourced from the highlands of Romania. The bees only source their nectar from trees grown in controlled environments with pure air, crystal-clear waters, and mineral-rich soil.

Natural Vs Organic

Natural honey uses a spinning method to extract honey from frames. Called the hot press technique, this results in heavier honey.

Organic honey uses a dripping method to extract honey from frames. Called the cold-press technique, this process is slower but results in even more fragrant honey.

Organic Acacia Honey

Organic Linden Honey

Natural Acacia Honey

Natural Linden Honey


Wedding & Honey

Standard Design

Having your wedding planned is stressful, having a standard wedding favor design by Go Pure™ will be an alternative way to make your wedding planning easier. Whereby you may have more time to plan for other details.

Standard Design, you will only need to choose the type of Quality and Type of honey. This will shorten your time on customizing your label.

Custom Design

Choose from a wide variety of style.

Say it in words with customizable text.

Cater to every taste with choices from a wide range of honey, at different rates.

It’s all about aesthetics, who can say your wedding favors can’t be pretty too?

100% natural without preservatives nor additives.

Eternal love, in a bottle. Free from additives, our honey, like your love, last forever.

Bird & Flower

Lace & Kraft

White Marble

Blue & Gold


Rose Gold

Color Series

Modern & Bold

Customized & Order

4 Step to complete your order

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