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The Bee Trifecta - Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen Capsules
  • Uniflora Propolis Capsules 400MG (60 caps)

    Uniflora® Propolis Capsules 400mg (60 capsules)

  • Uniflora Bee Pollen Capsules 400MG (60 caps)

    Uniflora® Bee Pollen Capsules 400mg (60 capsules)

  • Uniflora® Royal Jelly Capsules 150mg (45 capsules)

Capsule Supplements. - High in Flavonoids; - Harvested from Pristine Hives; - No Artificial Preservatives
Capsule Supplements. Bee Extracting Material from Baccharis Dracunculifolia. This is what gives green propolis its special properties. - Ultra Green Propolis; - Contains Artepillin-C; - + Other Polyphenols; - High in Flavonoids; - Antioxidant
Capsule Supplements. - Direct Absorption of Propolis; - Highly-antibacterial; -Greatly Boosts Immunity; - Renews Cells for Anti-Ageing Effect; - Prevents Spread of Free Radicals; - Improves Longevity; - Aids Digestion
Capsule Supplements. - Renew Cells; - Boosts Immune System; - Anti-Bacterial/Fungus/Virus; - Anti-Oxidant
Capsule Supplements. - Highly-anti-bacterial; - Greatly Boosts Immunity; - Reduces Swelling/Inflammation; - Renews Cells for Anti-Ageing Effect; - Prevents Spread of Free Radicals; - Improves Longevity; - Aids Digestive Issues.

Royal Jelly Capsule Supplements

Royal jelly is a secretion from mandibular and hypopharyngeal glands of young bees of the Apis mellifera species. This is a white or yellowish cream substance that makes food for young bee larvae (but no longer than three days, and then they are fed with a mixture of pollen, nectar, and honey), and the only food for the queen in both the larval and adult stages. This difference in the way of feeding is considered as the main factor responsible for the differentiation in the development of bee workers and the queen. In comparison to the workers’ food, the royal jelly contains less water and four times more sugars, more proteins, and different concentrations of some mineral salts.

Capsule Supplements. - Queen Bee Food; - Rejuvenates Skin, Clears Acne; - No Artificial Ingredients
Capsule Supplements. Worker Bee Feeding Potential Queens with Royal Jelly. - High in essential amino acids; - High in Protein; - Antioxidant properties; - Regulates blood sugar; - Repairs damaged skin cells
Capsule Supplements. - Promotes Clear Skin; - Anti-inflammatory; - Greatly Boosts Immunity; - Renews Cells for Anti-Ageing Effect; - Eases Menstrual Pain; - Eases Menopausal Effects; - Highly Antioxidant
Capsule Supplements.
Capsule Supplements.

Bee Pollen Capsule Supplements

Bee pollen is produced from plant flower pollen, which is collected by bees and mixed with nectar or the salivary gland secretion of the insects. In such form, it is transported, placed on the hind legs, to hives. Then flightless bees mix it with their saliva and pack into honeycombs, covered with a mixture of wax and honey. Under such conditions, the anaerobic fermentation proceeds with the formation of lactic acid, serving as a preservative. The substance, produced in this way, makes a source of nutrients for both adult bees and larvae. The beekeepers collect bee pollen using traps that enable to separate pellets from insects’ legs.

Pollen food energy is rather high; for instance, bee pollen produced by Apis mellifera, collected in Thailand and containing mainly corn pollen, showed its value to be as much as 397.16 kcal/100 g. In 22 samples of bee pollens collected in Portugal, the obtained values ranged from 396.4 to 411.1 kcal/100 g. It is even named “only perfectly complete food” or “the life-giving dust”.

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