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go pure multiflower honey

Multiflower Honey: High in Vitamins, All-rounded Flavour

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Benefits Multiflower Honey
Benefits Multiflower Honey
Description Multiflower Honey
Description Multiflower Honey
Source Multiflower Honey
Source Multiflower Honey
Full Benefits Multiflower Honey
Taste Profile Multiflower Honey
Taste Profile Multiflower Honey
How to Consume Multiflower Honey
How to Consume Multiflower Honey
What is the caloric value?

One kilogram of honey contains 3150 calories. It is equal to the caloric content of wheat bread, condensed milk, lamb, beef, veal liver.

What is the nutritional value of honey?

Nutritional value of 200 g of honey is equal to 450 g of fish oil, 180 g of fat cheese, 240 g of walnut kernels, 350 g of meat. The body can absorb 100% honey (meat – 95%, eggs – 95.5, milk – 91, white bread – 96, black bread – 85, potatoes – 89).

How to get monofloral honey?

You need the following conditions: beehives are placed in the center or close to the main array of the honey plant. Family groups are placed no more than 40-60 families in a group. Before the beginning of the flowering of plants, you should pump all the honey, except honey, located on part of the open brood. Monofloral honey is pumped only in a clean extractor from the framework without brood and pollen. You should not mix the different botanical origin kinds of honey.

How to determine the external features?

White honey in a liquid state is colorless or slightly yellow, during crystallization it turns into a light amber mass, very sweet. It has a strong sharp spicy taste and tickles in the throat, and a pleasant aroma.

What percentage of glucose in lime and buckwheat?

White honey contains 35.6% glucose, buckwheat – 31.1%, the water content is 16.9% and 20.1%.

When honey can ferment? With higher water content, because of the content of yeast and enzymes from it the sugars break down into several products, such as ethanol, carbon dioxide, water, glycerol, fusel oils, higher alcohols, acetic acid. Honey gets darker, water content increases, accumulated by-products give it a peculiar odor, flavor, and taste. Emit carbon dioxide increases the amount of honey, the foam appears on the surface. The most favorable temperature for fermentation is 14-20°C (68 F) and the water content is about 22%.

Why do you need to pasteurize the honey?

Honey is pasteurized to destroy osmophilic yeast or to get honey, which will not crystallize for 6-8 months. Honey is heated to 77-78°C (172 F) for 6-7 min and then is quickly cooled.

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