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Manuka's Cosmet Skincare Description
Manuka Honey Infused Peeling Jell Super Hydration Face Exfoliate
Manuka Honey Infused All In One Gel - 360 degree face moisturiser, cleaner and lotion
Manuka's Cosmet Manuka Honey Infused Description Guide Manuka honey is extremely precious and contains more powerful antibacterial properties than other types of honey. Manuka is a special type of honey which is derived from Manuka flowers that only exist in New Zeland. Manuka oil, which is extracted from Manuka leaves and bark, and Manuka honey have remarkable antibacterial activities, and the native Maoris have highly valued them as treatments for colds and wounds since ancient times. Today, the medical benefits of Manuka honey are recognized, so Manuka oil and honey are treated as pharmaceutical products in Australia and New Zealand.