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Mysterious Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is extremely precious and contains more powerful antibacterial properties than other types of honey. Manuka is a special type of honey which is derived from Manuka flowers that only exist in New Zeland. Manuka oil, which is extracted from Manuka leaves and bark, and Manuka honey have remarkable antibacterial activities, and the native Maoris have highly valued them as treatments for colds and wounds since ancient times.

Today, the medical benefits of Manuka honey are recognized, so Manuka oil and honey are treated as pharmaceutical products in Australia and New Zealand.

Manuka’s Cosmet Beauty & Healthy Skin

Feel the thick consistency of the rich Manuka Honey on your skin.
With the effect of Moisturizing, Anti-Inflammation, Emollient and Skin Protection

Natural favor, New Zealand treasure

“Manuka Honey” is produced from the manuka flowers which only grow wild in New Zealand.

Manuka’s Cosmet uses organic raw honey which has not been heat-treated, contains no additives, and has been awarded the excellent “UMF 15+” certification for antibacterial activity by the UMF Honey Association.

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New Zealand Honey

Almost none honey bee disease exists in New Zealand. In addition, the law forbids providing honey bees with antibiotic drugs. In this way, New Zealand is a country that gives consideration to living creatures and nature. That is why New Zealand can produce safe and secure honey.

A Gift From The Honey Bees

Honey is rich in nutrients such as minerals and vitamins and is loved in New Zealand for both internal and external beauty.

Honey not only prevents drying of the skin, it also provides firmness and elasticity, a healthy glow and moisture.

Furthermore, the characteristic action of manuka honey means that a natural sebum barrier is formed on the outermost layer of the skin, leading to skin which is resistant to trouble and moist, beautiful and young-looking skin.

UMF* (Unique Manuka Factor)

The Honey Research Unit, Department of Biological Sciences of The University of Waikato (national university of New Zealand) discovered that some types of manuka honey have constantly effective anti-bacterial activity in their experiments on honeys.

This excellent property is known as UMF (Unique Manuka Factor). UMF is observed in only some types of manuka honey.

Manuka is based on the nutrients obtained from the land in New Zealand and has been confirmed to contain 6 vitamins (B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and ascorbic acid) and 9 minerals (calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc).