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What is Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen is collected by the bees from flowering plants and are used as food by the bees to produce Royal Jelly. Bee pollen is the male sperm cells of flowering plants and not only contains the genetics necessary for the plants to be fertilised, it also contains many nutrients that is vital to life.

Collected by honeybees visiting the flowers, the bees mixes the pollen with it’s own digestive enzyme to form pollen pellets. Widely hailed as the “most complete natural food” and “nature’s pharmacy”, it is a gem of the natural food world.

Scientific research has found that bee pollen contains signification amounts of nutritious compounds. Some of these compounds include 22 types of amino acid, 14 types of vitamins and 30 types of trace elements. Scientists have also found that bee pollen is high in protein, bio flavonoids, rich in Vitamin B, calcium, iron, magnesium, silica, sulphur, phosphorous amongst many others.

What’s even more interesting is that bee pollen was found to have a higher percentage of protein than cow’s milk! 5 to 7 times that of eggs and vitamins higher than fresh fruits and vegetables.

See below for the many health benefits of Bee Pollen!

蜂花粉是由蜜蜂从植物的花朵采集而来。在蜂巢里蜜蜂是吃了花粉后才可分泌出蜂王浆。原 自巴西的 Uniflora® 蜂花粉是经过特别挑选。而在严格的品质管里下包装含有胶囊以方便食用。

Benefits of Uniflora® Bee Pollen

Strengthen overall body immunity >
Anti-aging, beautifying effect >
Prevention of brain & cardiovascular disease >
Anti-cancer >
Maintain prostate health >
Assist in weigh loss >

< Regulates gastro-intestinal function
< Maintain healthy liver function
< Regulates the nervous system, promotes sleep
< Improve memory, diabetes, anaemic, menopausal conditions
< Facilitates bowel movement
< Rejuvenates endocrine system