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Manuka’s Cosmet B&H All-In-One Gel 15+


Manuka’s Cosmet ALL-IN-ONE GEL 15+ contains natural ingredients with the best grade of Manuka honey, imported from New Zealand.

It is a multi-purpose facial gel, which contains all benefits from the usual toner, lotion, facial cream, face pack and massage cream.

Manuka’s Cosmet ALL-IN-ONE GEL 15+ is the perfect gel to boost skin energy and keep skin ideally hydrated for hours. It gives you a revitalized, hydrated and translucent skin. Suitable for different skin types for all ages.

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*1 scoop is approximately 2cm in diameter

As Daily Skincare

  • Apply 1 scoop* of ALL-IN-ONE GEL 15+ after cleansing
  • More gel may be applied to dry and targeted area
  • Apply 2-3 scoops for neck area
  • You may combine with other skincare products (Recommend to use with other Manuka’s Cosmet products to achieve greater results)

As Face Pack

  • Apply a cherry-sized amount on your face (best to use after shower)
  • Leave it for 5 – 10mins (you may place a steamed towel on your face for 3mins, without covering the nose area for better absorption of the product).

As A Massage Cream

Apply muscat-sized amount as massage cream

  • Follow the neckline, massage it gently in a downward motion for 10 times
  • Starting at the center of your chin, massage slowly up your jawline in gentle, circular motions, ending at the lower ear.
  • Repeat it for approximately 5 – 10 mins
  • Starting at the corners of your mouth and using the same small, gentle, circular motions, massage along the base of your cheekbone, ending at the middle ear for 3 times
  • Apply gentle pressure on eye area
  • Follow the neckline and massage gently along the collarbone

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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 6.8 × 6.8 × 6 cm



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