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Mandarin Dragon Honey Bag


This set contains
1 x Organic Acacia Honey 70g
1 x Organic Linden Honey 70g
1 x Orange Leather Mini Bag with Scarf

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Organic Acacia Honey

Benefits: Liver Detoxification, Energy & Circulation
Aroma: Sweet & Fresh
Taste: Clear, with Hints of Floral Vanilla
Detox – 1 Fresh Lemon, 2 tbspn Honey & 1L Water (once a week)
Sport – 2 tbspn Honey & Water (15 min before sport)
Drinks – 2 tbspn/up to your taste bud (Mixing Hot Drinks must be less than 60°c, will enhance aroma of your drink)
Pairing: Water, Coffee, Tea, Ice-cream, Cake Dressing, Yogurt & other Gourmet which need sweetener.

Organic Linden Honey

Benefits: Prevent Insomnia, Calms Anxiety and Stress
Aroma: Mildly Sweet, Soft & Woody Smell
Taste: Accents of Citrus, Earthy, Full-bodied & Bittersweet
Detox – 1 Fresh Lemon, 2 tbspn Honey & 1L Water (once a week)
Sleep – 2 tbspn Honey & Luke Warm Water >60°c (30min before Sleep)
Spicy Food – depending on your recipe (Same serving as Sugar in your recipe, 1:1 ratio)
Pairing: Water, Herbal Tea & Spicy Gourmet which need sweetener.


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