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Go Pure™ Organic Saffron Infused Honey 400g

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400g Organic Saffron Honey

Organic Romanian Acacia Honey is infused with Premium Quality Saffron Strands* hand-picked from the Kashmir Region. Certified Organic. Prized for its intense, robust flavour, with complex brassy notes and deep aroma. Taste the difference with Go Pure Organic Honey.

*Each jar of Organic Saffron Honey contains visible Saffron Strands, these are the result of the direct infusion process, and are 100% Organic and safe for consumption.

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Saffron Threads

Hand Picked Blooms

The snow capped plateaus of the Himalayas hide elusive fields of Saffron Flowers, whose strands are hand picked every harvesting season, resulting in pure, high quality grade Saffron.

Dual Infusion

Birthed from the finest threads of Saffron, infused in organic Acacia Honey. Our Organic Saffron Honey combines the benefits of both florals. Both Honey & Saffron lend their exquisite flavours in a marriage made in heaven.

Real Saffron Threads

Only the finest Saffron Crocus threads are manually picked from the heavenly valleys of the Himalayas. These are then infused in the honey for a specific period of time, giving the honey a robust, yet delicate flavour.

Pure Invigoration

The anti-depressive qualities of saffron work together with honey to create an uplifting feeling, helping ease stress and creating a pleasant mood for work or play.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm



For Daily Maintenance

Drink it on the go by mixing:
1 soup spoon | 500ml room temperature/ice water

Pregnant women are advised against taking products that contain high doses of Saffron without seeking consent from their physicians first.

Nutritional Information

1 review for Go Pure™ Organic Saffron Infused Honey 400g

  1. cheryl.siew168 (verified owner)

    Tastes good. Recommended for all.

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