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Go Pure™ Organic Linden Honey 70g


Organic Linden Honey is very popular in Europe which carries a unique and captivating lime aroma that is good enough to drink on its own! Linden trees are grown in the clean and green environment of the Romanian Highlands.

获得 SC. Ecoinspect s.r.l 所发出的有机证 书,椴树是生长在空 气清新,花草青绿的 罗马尼亚高原地带。Go Pure™  有机椴树蜜 是越来越受欢迎,因 为它带有特别和迷人 的酸柑芳香。直接泡 在水中饮用,回味无穷。除了有机椴树蜜,也有天然椴树蜜供选择。

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Different between Organic and Natural

  • Organic Honey gives a much lighter color to the honey whereas Natural Honey will be in much darker in color.
  • The taste of Organic Honey has much-distinguished flora as compare to Natural Honey.
  • Organic Linden honey has been certified by the local government in Romania that the farming methods, land, water, and air are truly organic.

Go Pure Honey Philosophy

Organic Linden Honey comes directly from the unpolluted plains of central Romania, where producing pure honey is a millennial traditional way of life, where the beekeepers communicate with their bees.

Go Pure choose the places where people put their hearts and souls into honey making. That’s why our honey has a unique quality, reflected in the exquisite honey taste; a taste which signifies their respect towards nature and love for people.

They are unique and made with soul and without any human intervention, yet as nature intended: honey of pure quality, as a gift for humankind.

The Truth about Honey

  • There are no such things as standard honey, as honey comes from different flower the taste of honey will be different.
  • Natural Honey only contains 18.8% of water, therefore; it will not be frozen into ice.
  • To support microbial growth in natural honey, heat shall not be added, therefore; water more than 60°c, placing it under the sun or hot areas will stop microbial from growing.
  • The reason we do not use the metal spoon for retrieving our honey from the jar is that metal will oxidize in times, oxidization will also stop microbial from growing. (If accidentally used a metal spoon to retrieve honey from the jar it will still be fine as oxidization takes times unless he/she leave the spoon in the jar for a long time.)


  • Calms Anxiety
  • Relieves Insomnia, headaches, indigestion
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Enhance immune systems

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