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Bee Youthful!


MIX & MATCH TIME! As they say, the more you buy, the more you save.
2 x 500g Honey = 15% off + 1 x 70g Natural Linden (Free)

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The Truth about Honey

  • There are no such things as standard honey, as honey comes from different flower the taste of honey will be different.
  • Natural Honey only contains 18.8% of water, therefore; it will not be frozen into ice.
  • Natural Honey will only be prone to spoilage due to heat as a natural honey is supported by microbial growth, therefore; water more than 60°c, placing it under the sun or hot areas will stop microbial from growing.
  • The reason we do not use the metal spoon for retrieving our honey from the jar is that metal will oxidize in times, oxidization will also stop microbial from growing. (If accidentally used a metal spoon to retrieve honey from the jar it will still be fine as oxidization takes times unless he/she leave the spoon in the jar for a long time.)

Benefits of having Acacia Honey

  • Assists in Blood Circulation
  • Assists in Detoxify of Liver
  • Improves Digestion
  • Anti-Inflammatory for Respiratory System
  • Strengthens your Immune System

Benefits of having Linden Honey

  • Assists in Claiming Anxiety
  • Assists in Relieving Insomnia
  • Assists in Relieving Indigestion
  • Assists in Stress

Additional information

Bee Youthful!

1 x Organic Acacia + 1 x Organic Linden (Free 70g Natural Linden), 1 x Natural Acacia + 1 x Natural Linden (Free 70g Natural Linden), 1 x Organic Acacia + 1 x Natural Acacia (Free70g Natural Linden), 1 x Organic Linden + 1 x Natural Linden (Free 70g Natural Linden), 1 x Organic Acacia + 1 x Natural Linden (Free 70g Natural Linden), 1 x Organic Linden + 1 x Natural Acacia (Free 70g Natural Linden)

Directions for Honey

For Acacia Honey

  • Try a spoonful in your evening espresso or drizzled over whole wheat bread.
  • To improvement of Blood Circulation, Sinus, Respiratory problems etc: 1 tablespoon with lukewarm water, 2-3 times daily
  • Detoxification (twice a month)- As above
  • For diabetics: 1 teaspoon per day as beverage or act as a sweetener.  Acacia honey is high in fructose thus gives energy to diabetics.
  • 改善血液循环, 改善咽喉炎的功效…等等:每天用温水服用一匙 2-3次.
  • 排毒用法如上(每月两次)
  • 糖尿病患者:每天喝一茶匙;作为饮料或者甜味剂.洋槐树蜜富含果糖能为患者补充能量.

For Linden Honey

  • For Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, IBS etc . 1-2 hours before bedtime, take 1-2 tablespoons of Linden Honey with lukewarm water.
  • For detoxification (twice a month) Directions 500ml of plain water + 1 yellow lemon (juice) + 2 tablespoons of Linden honey (*To be taken with empty stomach in the morning.)
  • 失眠, 焦虑症, 和肠胃敏感症…等等用法说明:
  • 排毒(每月两次)用法说明: 白开水 + 一个柠檬(汁) + 两匙菩提蜜 – 早上空腹服用


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