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Who are we?

We are Go Pure, a well-known supplement shop in Singapore. We provide high quality supplement products to ensure the well-being of Singaporeans. Supplements are more often than not underestimated and overlooked by people. Supplements are seen as luxury and are not sought after until it is almost too late. On the contrary, supplements are needs and should be consumed well before the body breaks down.

It is crucial to consume supplements which are high in quality and are naturally sourced to prevent any negative reactions to the body. At Go Pure, one of the best supplement shops in Singapore, we provide you with supplements of the highest quality which has been sourced from all over the world.

We believe in ‘prevention is better than cure’ and that is why we provide nothing but the best to our customers. This is also why we are one of the best supplement shops in Singapore.

Our products

As the leading, we source the best honey, propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen from around the world because quality ingredients lead to quality supplements. Among our products include Uniflora Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus which are the best cure for cough and flu, Bioflora Fresh Royal Jelly for those wrinkles on your face, Lifzyme Sense 108 to lower your cholesterol level, Go Pure Natural Linden Honey to overcome insomnia, Lifzyme Cordyceps Enzyme Drink to cure indigestion, and Go Pure Pure Propolis Premium to boost your immunity, just to name a few.

With the experience of 14 years as supplement shop in Singapore, our products are known to greatly benefit the users in no time. From cough and flu remedies, anti-aging remedies, insomnia remedies, high cholesterol remedies, indigestion remedies to remedies to improve immunity, we got it all.

Customer testimonials

‘My eating habit as well as the warm weather making me sore throat most of time and then one of my friend introduce me this product called known as propolis extract. Whenever I feel discomfort I will just use one drop in the morning and one more before bed and the irritation will gone away. I feel I want to thanks this product because I don’t have to use medication anymore!’- Calvin Hu.


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