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Airvenue – Made in Germany
In nature, rain provides pleasant and fresh air. Rain simply washes pollutants out of the air! The airvenue®️ air freshener uses the same principle. Contaminated air is sucked in, dust, suspended particles and dirt are bound in the water and the cleaned air comes out again!
The airvenue®️ air freshener is very easy to use. Simply fill the glass container with sufficient water, switch on the control unit and it will clean your room air by itself
The airvenue®️ air freshener, made in Germany, purified air comes out, dirty air is sucked in, your best companion at home.
✔Cleans the room air
✔Reduces odors and germs
✔Gives the room air back the moisture it has lost, especially during hot weather
✔Ideal for home, in every room, in the office & in the shop.
✔Exceptionally versatile colored light
✔Single light set-up of the favorite color
✔Very easy use and water filling
✔Room air aroma switched on or off as a desire

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