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We are definitely starting our day with cold-brew vanilla honey coffee!

To make the cold brew coffee, combine coffee beans and water in a large bowl; cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours (or up to 24). Once steeped, place a large coffee filter over another large bowl and slowly pour the coffee mixture over the filter, OR, if your beans are course enough, strain through a fine-mesh sieve. Discard the grounds. Store coffee in an airtight container or pitcher in the fridge.
To make the vanilla honey, combine honey and vanilla bean paste until combined; store in an airtight container.
To make the iced coffee, combine coffee, vanilla honey in a large glass and stir until honey is incorporated. Add a few ice cubes to the glass, then top with milk. Serve.


  1. Cold Brew Coffee:
  2. 320g coffee beans
  3. 1.89l cold water
  4. Honey (Vanilla)
  5. 339g raw honey
  6. 4 tsps vanilla bean paste

Iced Coffee:

  1. 1 iced coffee
  2. 252ml coffee
  3. 2 tbsp honey (vanilla)
  4. 181ml milk
  5. 4 ice cubes (large)


In a bowl, combine salt, pepper and flour. Add chicken and mix. Add 4 tbspn of butter on pan, place chicken on pan, turning once to coat. Bake at 350 for 30mins.
Combine honey, brown sugar, lemon juice, soy sauce, curry powder and remaining butter and pour over chicken. Bake for 45 mins or till tender, basting several times. Voila, you have a ready to eat Easter Honey-Glazed Chicken to serve your loved ones! . .

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