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enzyme drink

The need for enzymes

No! This is not another fad diet traps. No! This is definitely not another weird beauty tips. This is in fact, a call for a healthier life. What are enzymes? Enzymes are components in our body that ensure all the processes in our body functions optimally.

Among the bodily systems that rely heavily on enzymes are digestive system, lymphatic system, respiration, and many other physiological processes. Without enzyme, these processes will take place at a very slow rate.

This condition will lead to the body not being able to function properly and consequently severe health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, skin diseases, immune deficiencies and allergies will have to be faced sooner than later.

In today’s world, food are being highly processed and over cooked. The over processing and high heat destroys enzyme readily present in these food. This causes the human body to work harder than usual to break down these food without the help of enzymes present in the food consumed. The extra work causes stress to the body and in the long run contributes to a lot of ailments and diseases.

To overcome this situation, we need to provide the body with enzymes so that the body can function with the help from the enzymes.  We, at Go Pure have various enzyme drinks that can help you to be healthy.

Our products

We have three types of enzyme drinks namely, Lifzyme® Cordyceps Enzyme Drink, Lifzyme® Prime+, and Lifzyme® Sense 108. These enzyme drinks will ensure you get the enzymes needed to boost your health and to maintain your body at tip top condition. Be assured that all our enzyme drinks are made using ingredients sourced from all over the world and are of the highest quality.

These enzyme drinks supply your body with the enzymes that have been exhausted from the food that you eat. The supplemental enzymes from the enzyme drinks will aid the digestive process. This will ensure maximum absorption of nutrients resulting in a healthier body.

Customer Testimonial

‘I purchase the Cordyceps for my Mum to try in earlier 2015 and it really improve on the health condition. My mum and I are still consuming this product every day because of the improvement on our body immune system. Not only has that it also helped on our digestive system.  Tested and proven on my weak stomach’ – Kelvin Foo

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