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Bees are some of the few insects that have significant benefits to mankind. More than the sweet honey that you can get from it, there are also other usable products of these insects for humans. Propolis is a resinous material that bees make and use in sealing gaps and cracks in their hives. Since this is made from the resin that bees collect from various sources like trees and many more, it can also offer many health benefits.


Why Propolis Is Good For You?


It Fights Cancer. Though there hasn’t been any real studies to back it up, propolis are said to be carcinogen fighters. Honorable mentions are brown Cuban and red Brazilian propolis are said to help fight certain compounds that aid in cancer cell growth.


Prevents Infection. The isolated acids that are said to be found in propolis were claimed to be effective in killing bad bacteria. This safe antibacterial product also protects the good bacteria in the body in your intestines. Furthermore, flavonoids on propolis are powerful enough to fight aggressive bacteria.


Keeps Your Blood Sugar In Check. According to studies, propolis can help inhibit certain kinds of enzymes that are said to increase blood sugar. These help stabilize the blood sugar levels in the body.


Soothes Burns. Propolis soothes minor burns even better than your average burn ointment.


Helpful For Ear And Nail Infections. Containing Caffeic Acid and Phenethyl Ester, propolis helps ease infections and inflammation in the inner ear. Propolis also helps kill the fungi in the nails that cause infection.


Helps You Achieve A Perfect Smile. Studies say that continuous exposure to fluoride can lead to certain health issues. Propolis can also serve as a perfect alternative for fluoride, helping you keep your pearly whites healthy.


Protects Your Sensitive Areas From Herpes And Other Infections. Propolis, as studies have proven, are effective in eliminating Vaginal Herpes. It is also said to help protect you from genital Candida Infections.



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