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Join us, BEE our members, and enjoy member’s benefits – product discounts, birthday vouchers, and more.

Join us, BEE our members, and enjoy member’s benefits – product discounts, birthday vouchers, and more.

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Not a member yet?

Join our membership and enjoy membership discounts and benefits – product discounts, birthday vouchers, surprise gift on every single purchase and more.

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I’m guessing you know a lot about what you do, and I’m hoping you enjoy it too (because if you don’t, you really should find something that makes your tail wag).

If you’ve trained for a career or spent years learning on the job, then you have a lot of knowledge you can pass onto other people.

If you run your own business or are an entrepreneur then a member site is the perfect way to showcase your expertise and let people know that you’re the bee’s knees.

You can pack your member full of relevant knowledge that you already have and voila! you’re now an authority on social media, accounting systems, weight loss techniques, or the best food for different breeds of dogs (you’d be surprised what people are interested in).

Whilst having a member site in and of itself is nothing to be sniffed at, the compound benefits of being seen as an ‘expert’ or ‘authority’ on your subject can do wonders for the rest of your business.

Perhaps you’d like to become a professional speaker or release a book? The extra credibility you gain from sharing your expertise in a member site can really help.

Conversely, if you already are a speaker, author, or another kind of expert, a member site can provide you with a commercial element that confirms your expertise and gives you something tangible to sell.

A member site is one of the best ways for you to leverage your skills, expertise, and knowledge whilst at the same time breaking free from the ‘time for money’ trap.

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