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Shop Online on Go Pure for Pure Honey and Organic Honey Products. We focus on premium quality bee products, specialising in helping to prevent diseases and other health ailments. Known as Apitherapy, Go PURE has been in the business of bee products since 2003 and is now proud to be involved in the markets of Japan and China, in addition to Singapore where it is based.

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Customer’s Reviews & Testimonials

  1. Qamariah

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolis Extract 30ml – Alcohol Free (1)

    The spray is really good! Very refreshing to the throat and it clears phlegm really well. Itchy coughs all cleared in a few days!
  2. Angela C.

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolight30 35ml – Alcohol Free (6)

    The Propolight30 throat spray provides immediate relief for my sore throat. Since my purchase, I have gifted it to friends who had sore throats, and I am glad that the product has benefitted them. Thank you, Go Pure, for this awesome product!
  3. Mabel

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolight30 35ml – Alcohol Free (6)

    Propo Light 30...This product is awesome! It works really well! I'm not a fan of the spray, but this is a miracle worker! I had such a bad sore throat and dry cough recently (when the back of my throat tickles from irritation). It's awkward at first when I sprayed at my throat, but after a few times, it is not so bad. It "numb" my throat and break the coughing fits. The after taste, has a sweet note. I'm very happy to have this back in my supply cabinet!!
  4. Katherine

    Product: Go Pure™ Organic Linden Honey 500g

    Many thanks to my friend, Cindy who recommended GO pure honey linen for my insomnia and GO pure treasure honey to build up my immunity. After taking GO pure linden honey, I am able to sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling energetic throughout the day. Recently, I brought the Christmas gift honey set for my colleagues and friends and they loved it.

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolis Extract 30ml – 45% Strength (2)

    I've been taking Go Pure's bee propolis whenever I feel a bit under the weather / when I get stomach discomfort. It usually takes effect within 15-20mins and I will feel a lot better after. Highly recommend this product to strengthen immunity!
  6. sebastian liew

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolight30 35ml (5)

    I have been using Propolight 30 daily to clear my throat as my work as a medical herbalist requires me to do a lot of talking during consultation plus also aid me in my workshops and talks. It almost works instantly to clear my voice.
  7. cheryl.siew168

    Product: Go Pure™ Organic Saffron Infused Honey 400g

    Tastes good. Recommended for all.
  8. cheryl.siew168

    Product: Lifzyme® Sense 108 (90 capsules)

    Sense 108 helps me with my digestion of food and eases my eczema and discomfort. I would recommend this product to anyone who faces the same problem. Thank you GoPure for this wonderful product!
  9. Shu Qin

    Product: Go Pure™ Natural Linden Honey 500g

    GO PURE 蜂蜜与众不同,它拥有大自然的精华,是我每天早晚的最佳选择,晚上让我安然入眠,白天让我信心百倍迎接每一天。謝謝 GO PURE 蜂蜜!!!
  10. evim

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolight30 35ml – Alcohol Free (6)

    a nice spray tastes sweet as well. mild mint scent that blends in with the honey.
  11. Aldrich Tham

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 420g

    Great honey! Highly reccomend! it really helps soothes my throat whenever I have a long day of meetings and talks. My family and myself love it.
  12. Vivien

    Product: Go Pure™ Organic Acacia Honey 500g

    Go Pure Acacia Honey was one of the best I’ve had ! Very prompt to sorethroat , but not anymore when I take it daily now every morning !
  13. Fanelle Chua

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 420g

    ℎ by starting my day with my Favourite Go Pure Premium Rose Honey! My secret to stay Radiance & Glowy with Good Health in my hectic lifestyle!
  14. Leonard Wang

    Product: Go Pure™ Natural Multiflower Honey 70g

    Lately, I have received a gift from a good friend of mine. The gift was so elegantly wrapped, the set of honey came in form of mini jars with a honey dipper. The presentation was so beautiful, I can't bear to destroy the packaging, but my friend told me that it's a "MUST" to try out on their quality of honey. Next thing I do was to check out for the brand of the mysterious honey and I realised it's "Go Pure" Honey! I have been hearing alot of very good review about their honey, but haven get to chance to tried it on my own until then. It was indeed very refreshing and the quality is excellent. I will make my next purchase with them again, and definitely recommend them to my family and friends.
  15. Reiko.M

    Product: Go Pure™ Organic Acacia Honey 500g

    Have been a fan of GoPure for many years, love the variety of flavour that they have to offer. Never miss a day of Honey Lemon drink for my daily dose of health benefits.
  16. Lau Ming Kwang

    Product: Go Pure™ Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus 290g

    As an endurance athletes I trust Go Pure with my energy needs
  17. Kelvin

    Product: Lifzyme® Cordyceps Enzyme Drink 600ml
    *EXP: DEC 2023*

    Gopure a great place to have many different kind of honey and supplement. I have tried the cordyceps and It really helps to improve the immune system.
  18. jocelyntzj

    Product: Go Pure™ Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus 290g

    Whenever i have slight throat irritation, this honey is my go to, soothe my throat irritation almost instantly!
  19. binrogue3105

    Product: Go Pure™ Natural Linden Honey 500g

    I have made it a habit to mix a tea spoon of linden honey into a cup of water and drink it before bedtime. It really helps soothes me and I am able to sleep better.
  20. keefhong

    Product: Go Pure™ Propolight30 35ml – Alcohol Free (6)

    My work requires me to speak loudly to a crowd for long periods of time and my throat gets really sore after that. After using gopure propolis spray, I find that it soothes my throat and I recover faster. Highly recommend this product.
  21. Wylie W.

    Product: Go Pure™ Natural Acacia Honey 500g

    Tasty and smooth to the throat, packed with nutritional benefits! Love it!
  22. doreensoh89

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 280g

    Tried the Rose Honey and our whole family really like the subtle rose aroma that blends really well with the quality honey by go pure! would be interested to look at the other products they have.
  23. zetakoh

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 420g

    Drinking the premium rose honey makes me feel like I am wandering in the splendidly lavish garden. The rose fragrance helps to calm my nerves while working on laptop and the tasty honey perks me up and give me energy. Totally my go-to honey for a midday work drink.
  24. oliver loi

    Product: Go Pure™ Premium Rose Honey 280g

    Rose honey was recommended to me and I fell in love the very first time tasting it. As the name implies , I love the rose aroma. Bought a few for my clients and they loved it too.
  25. max.ang

    Product: Go Pure™ Organic Acacia Honey 500g

    Had a bad sore throat shortly after the circuit Breaker COVID-19 started. All the while every few mth I having this issue repeatedly. This time I try to drink honey, after a few try my throat found relief and it works wonders. Delighted to found this. Thank My Honey.
  26. Patrick Ho

    Product: Go Pure™ Pure Propolis Softgels (60 softgels)

    I have had a really bad cold/ flu and it is especially untimely during the COVID-19 peak period. Been seeing doctor couple times and never really get much better. It was until I start taking this pure propolis than I feel my immune engine is cranked up again. Thank you for this wonderful product.
  27. Patrick Ho

    Product: Go Pure™ Raw Honey with Watercress & Eucalyptus 290g

    I have been taking this watercress honey instead of cough mixtures from different doctors. I find it more effective and it works magic!
That health supplement may not always help you

Most healthy people do not need supplements, although many turn to them as a quick fix for poor eating habits.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, say the experts. Even so, they warn that frequent pill-popping can have negative side effects.

These include kidney or liver problems, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Despite that, supplements are flying off the shelves more than before.

Market research firm Euromonitor said in a November report that Singaporeans are spending more on vitamins and health supplements.

Consumers here forked out US$374.4 million (S$494 million) on these products last year, it found. This was US$30 million more than what was spent in 2012.

Popular products include probiotics, fish oil, glucosamine for joints, and co-enzyme Q10, which is said to help lower one’s cholesterol levels.

The firm attributed this trend to Singaporeans’ busy urban lifestyles, which can leave little room for regular exercise and a balanced diet.

“Many Singaporeans do not have time to stay physically active, and often indulge in meals that are unbalanced in terms of nutrition,” said Ms. Yvonne Wong, a research analyst at Euromonitor International.

he habit of eating out frequently is also another issue. Six in 10 Singaporeans eat out at least four times a week, according to the 2010 National Nutrition Survey.

But such foods tend to be less nutritious.

“Hawker meals tend to be high in refined carbohydrates and low in vegetables,” said Ms. Mah Wai Yee, a principal dietitian at Farrer Park Hospital. “We also tend not to have fruits with our meals.”


For those with such nutritional holes to plug, vitamins and supplements are an easy solution. But too much can be bad for you.

This is especially the case with fat-soluble vitamins, say the experts, including vitamins A, D, E, and K.

As the name suggests, these dissolve in fats and therefore take a longer time to pass out of the body.

“For example, taking too many vitamin D supplements over a long period of time can cause too much calcium to build up in the body,” Ms. Mah said. “This can weaken the bones and damage the kidneys and the heart.”

But she added that it is also possible to overdose on certain water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin B6.

Too much of this vitamin can lead to nerve problems that cause pain and numbness in the hands and feet.

People with pre-existing health conditions should be careful when taking stimulant drinks, such as Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy shots.

They often contain caffeine, which can be risky for people with heart problems, for example.

“The stimulants can potentially worsen anxiety in anxious patients,” pointed out Dr. Derek Koh, who heads Thomson Wellth Clinic @ Novena.

“They may not be good for patients with underlying heart diseases, as they would cause palpitations.”

When it comes to buying off-the-shelf supplements, senior pharmacist Serena Kon advises caution, as these products are not regulated by the Health Sciences Authority.

“Individuals need to be mindful to purchase their supplements from trusted sources and be vigilant in evaluating claims made by supplement vendors,” said Ms. Kon, who works at the Singapore General Hospital.

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